Sunny Cars XML Professional

XML Web Service

The integration and consumption of our products and services is made possible through our CarRentalAgentService. This XML-based web service can be used to retrieve various kinds of information from our extensive database, and also provides the ability to create and modify car rental reservations directly within our systems.


Communicating with our web service can be done using either SOAP or HTTP POST. For each method there is a SOAP-only base method which supports all available input parameters (e.g. GetRates). Additionally, all methods are available in one of more variants which can be used with both SOAP and HTTP POST (e.g. GetRatesP1, GetRatesP2, etc). Each of these variants represents a different subset of input parameters.


Different URLs/hostnames are used to distinguish between the test and production environments.

Test Environment

The test environment is available under the hostname This environment is recreated every night at 01:00 CET/CEST from the production environment. Please keep in mind that any test scenarios that may have been created throughout the day are overwritten during the night.

Production Environment

The production environment is available under the hostname This environment is restricted by source IP address (or IP address range). A static IP address is required in order to access it, which must first be configured in our firewall.


We support HTTP and HTTPS on both the test and production environments. We highly recommend the usage of HTTPS when transmitting sensitive data, such as personal details or payment information. Both environments use the same SSL certificate (issued for, so please be aware that certificate errors should be ignored when using HTTPS on the test environment, as the common name for which the certificate was issued will not match.


Authentication credentials issued by us (OperatorKey and Passphrase) will work on both the test and production environments. As the test environment is recreated from the production environment every night, please be aware it can take up to 24 hours for a newly created account to become available on the test environment.

Test Area

Utilising the HTTP POST capability of the browser, it is possible to use simple HTML forms to initiate method calls to our web service. Our web service automatically generates such forms for each variant of a base method, an example of which can be found here.


The URLs to the stable versions of the different web service endpoints are enlisted below. Please contact us before attempting to develop against any of the endpoints below, as more recent/suitable versions may be available, depending on your needs.

Test Environment

Production Environment


In order to more easily consume our technology, a WSDL document is provided for each instance of the web service, which can be imported by certain frameworks and development environments. Simply append the query string ?WSDL to the above URLs.


More extensive documentation and background information about our web service is available, providing in-depth information about the different methods available, and which procedures to follow.


Should any further questions arise, technical support is available via the Sunny Cars IT department at Please do not hesitate to contact us or your Sunny Cars sales representative regarding any inquiries you may have.